Club Kit

Competition kit (2017/2020)

The club competition kit is provided by Milano Pro Sport. This is compulsory for anyone wishing to represent the club at a competition.

The ladies and men's competition leotards are bespoke and can be ordered at any time. However due to the bespoke nature of the leotards, a minimum order of 6 leotards is required.

 for girls:  or with .

Ladies Competition Leotard

There are two options available:

1. Swarovski crystals
Girls - 26" - 32" 84.95
Ladies 34" & above

2. Standard stones
Girls - 26" - 32" 59.95
Ladies 34" & above

Due to unavailability at Milano of the previous men's competition kit a decision has been taken to switch the previous bespoke training leotard  to the competition kit.  The new men's competition leotard is priced as follows: Boys - 26" - 32" 34.00, Men's 34" & above 41.00

Men's Competition Leotard

Boys - 26" - 32" 34.00
Men's 34" & above 41.00


Training Kit 

We also have bespoke training kit for ladies provided by Milano Pro Sport which is optional.
Ladies Training Leotard

Girls - 26" - 32" 49.95
Ladies 34" & above 59.95


Please give any orders to Kat Driscoll or Jan Turnbull. Payment in full is required at the time of ordering.

Club training Wear

The new club training wear is Black Under Armour and individuals should purchase this at their own convenience from any supplier of their choice. T-shirts can be round neck or with a collar, as long as they are black. Girls can either have the black leggings or jogging pants.
Once purchased, the tops should be printed with Apollo on the back in white copperplate font. This can be done at Printing Mad in the Inshops in the Galleries at a current cost of 6 per garment. It is optional whether initials are printed on the front, however it will likely reduce the cost of kit being lost or mixed up.

Examples of club training wear: